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I'm a multi-published author of historical, paranormal, erotic romance, and romantic suspense novels. To learn more about my upcoming appearances, visit the News page. Otherwise, I hope you'll go through the website, learning more about the books I write and about me.

bonnie vanak's the mating claim

New release! The Mating Claim, Werewolves of Montana Book 14.

Dragon shifter Lacey McGuire is in big trouble. Not only is she flat broke, but she has an immortal wizard pursuing her for possessing an illegal book of spells. Drust, the Coldfire Wizard, needs to destroy the book, but Lacey sees the book as her financial salvation. What Lacey doesn't know is that the dark magick within the book can unleash a horde of demons hell bent on taking over the world. Equally dangerous are Lacey's growing feelings for the sexy, intriguing Coldfire Wizard, for love is more lethal to her than any magick book.

Controlled and disciplined, Coldfire Wizard Drust has vowed never to fall in love with a dragon shifter, but elusive Lacey threatens his resolve. Her fiery spirit and wicked sense of adventure bewitch him as much as they vex him. Drust must convince Lacey to surrender the book so he can destroy it. When a desperate Lacey uses another spell from the book, Drust will go to extreme lengths to protect her from the evil threatening to steal her very soul…

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bonnie vanak's the mating magic

The Mating Magic, Werewolves of Montana Book 13.

One desperate dragon with a crippled wing + one stolen potion granting powerful magic = one furious, immortal wizard.

All Evie ever wanted was to fly like other dragons, and win the heart of sexy dragon Chase Burke. After she's snubbed by Chase's wealthy family at an elegant society ball, her sister Lacey concocts a powerful potion to give Evie magic beyond her wildest dreams. The problem is, Lacey stole the ingredients from the immortal Coldfire Wizard and now an infuriated Drust wants it back or there will be hell to pay.

Chase Burke has secretly loved Evie, but pressured by family demands, must hide his true feelings. To grant Evie's dearest desire, he's apprenticed himself to the Coldfire Wizard. But when Chase accidentally consumes the immortal elixir and becomes as powerful as Drust himself, he threatens the welfare of every fire-breathing dragon on earth. Evie and Lacey must find a cure for Chase before Drust is forced to exterminate him, or Chase threatens to destroy everything in his path, including those he loves…

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bonnie vanak's werewolves of montana vol 1

Werewolves of Montana Volume 1

Boxed set of the first four books of the Werewolves of Montana series. Includes The Mating Heat/Mating Chase, The Mating Hunt, The Mating Seduction and The Mating Rite.

Available At:
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bonnie vanak's werewolves of montana vol 2

Werewolves of Montana Volume 2

Boxed set of Books 4.5 through 7 of the Werewolves of Montana series. Includes The Mating Intent, The Mating Challenge (Aiden's book), The Mating Season (Tristan's book) and The Mating Destiny.

Available At:
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