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The Sea Dragon

Werewolves of Montana, Book 16

The Sea Dragon

Cursed by the powerful Shadow Wizard, Sebastian knew his only path to redemption was sweet Jessica's proclamation of love. When she fails to declare her feelings on board his ship The Sea Dragon, Sebastian is doomed to live for three centuries as a sea monster. Now the 300 years are over, and Sebastian walks as a human once more. His broken heart demands revenge upon the fair Jessica, who has been asleep since she banished him to the watery depths.

Jessica has no memories of her past, only faint ones of a mysterious stranger awakening her after a long slumber. When she finds a handsome, naked man washed up on shore, his sexy smile and rugged charm awaken a long-forgotten passion. He reminds her of the man she dreams of each night, a dangerous, seductive pirate intent on ravishing her body, and soul.

Sebastian must coax a declaration of love from Jessica or he will turn forever into a scaled monster feared by all. He desires only that Jessica pay her debt for her betrayal on her back, until his sexual appetite is sated. But seduction is a double-edged sword and in doing so, will he once more risk losing his heart?

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