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Harlequin Romantic Suspense

bonnie vanak's ESCAPE FROM DEVIL'S DEN

July 23, 2024

FBI agent Jace Beckett goes undercover to infiltrate the motorcycle gang Devil's Patrol. But he never expected to encounter his stunning former fiancée, Kara Wilmington, hanging around the criminal organization. The gorgeous businesswoman is determined to protect her property—and her family—when she finds out that her cousin is involved with the DP. But as Kara and Jace relentlessly pursue the DP's ruthless jewel-theft ring, it's not only Jace's cover that's at risk. It's their lives…

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Throat tight, she forced herself to drink more tea and peeked at the Devil's Patrol gang. One man, who had his back to her, suddenly turned and laughed as he signaled to a nearby waitress. The salad turned to cardboard in her stomach.

Kara stared at the handsome face of her ex-fiancé. Jace Beckett. Clad in a tight black T-shirt that showed off the curves of hard biceps, and ragged jeans that hugged his amazing butt…

Swigging back a bottle of beer, he stretched out his long legs and plopped up biker boots on an empty chair. Jace laughed at something said by another at the table.

Jace. Here with a notorious motorcycle club. What on God's green earth was he doing here? He was a straight shooter, a white-collar pencil pusher who'd worked at an investment firm six years ago when they broke up.

Not a rowdy biker who shouted for another round for his pals, but that what he was doing right now. His dark brown hair had gold streaks and was curled at the edges. Hanging to the firm jawline of his once clean-cut face was a beard. A well-trimmed beard, but a beard just the same. If not for his deep guffaw, she'd never have recognized him.

Confidence drained out of her like a deflated balloon. She fiddled with her iced tea, tracing a droplet of condensation on the glass. It felt like a teardrop. Like the damn tears she'd cried the day they broke up.

Motorcycles always meant more to Jace than she did. Not even the amazing sex they'd had, or the way they clicked on other things, like the theater, or their long conversations, had been enough to keep them glued together.

Filled with bitter memories and a sudden, sharp longing, she glanced up.

Only to see him pull a woman in denim short shorts and a sleeveless shirt onto his lap. The woman planted a big kiss on his mouth as Jace wrapped his arms around her. Stinging jealousy shot through Kara. She tried ignoring it, but there it was, like a cloud of gnats at sunset. She knew how Jace liked to do it-long, deep, intoxicating kisses, making her forget everything but him, and then they'd end up in bed together.

Kara bit her bottom lip, remembering his lazy smile, the way he'd cup the back of her head, holding her steady for those drugging kisses…exquisite, filling her with heat.

She dared to look at him again. The way he kissed this stranger on his lap wasn't the same. He kissed without the finesse he'd always displayed, kissed this woman as if she meant nothing.

Forget him. You've moved on.

Still, the ache for something she had and lost couldn't be fully ignored. Kara felt like a hungry diner staring inside an exclusive restaurant, knowing she could never dine there again.



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