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Wild Wolf

Werewolves of Montana, Book 12

Bonnie Vanak's Wild Wolf

October 5, 2018

A fiercely independent werewolf must choose between prison and mating with the wolf whose heart she broke years ago.

Feisty & curvy Jordan Baxter has a choice. Either mate with rugged, sexy Nolan Mitchell, the Lupine she loved and left, or go to shifter prison for setting a fire to smoke out humans beating an innocent child. Jordan chooses Nolan, but it won’t be an easy mating, for Nolan is now alpha of his pack, and doesn’t tolerate rule breakers. Domineering in bed and possessive, Nolan is also fiercely protective of what he claims, and he intends to claim her fully.

If Nolan Mitchell doesn’t take a mate before the next full moon, the Fae protecting his vineyard from fires will leave. He’s never forgotten Jordan, even after she broke his heart. He hungers for her lush figure and passion in bed, while her spark for life equals his own. But taking a free spirit like Jordan as his mate will turn his world upside down and inside out.

Jordan has a painful secret she’s desperate to keep from Nolan, the real reason she left him six years ago. As they grow closer, she is torn between trusting him and running away again. For someone on the Mitchell farm is trying to force her into leaving, either dead or alive…


Excerpt (Warning: This is a romance novel containing explicit sex and language. Not intended for anyone under the age of 18)

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(Copyright © 2018 by Bonnie Vanak)

For a moment, he wanted to draw her close, the way he used to when she got scared, lonely or sad. Offer her the comfort of his embrace, the simple touch all Lupines craved. “This was your home. It always will be.”

And then amber flickered in her blue eyes, the rising of her wolf. “Sometimes, it’s better to be alone than with pack.”

Damn and hell. She’d made him swear again, silently. Nolan let his own wolf rise, locking his gaze to hers, letting her know exactly who she dealt with this time. Not going to let himself get fooled by a pretty face, sweet smile and sad eyes.

Not again.

Jordan dropped her gaze briefly, showing submission. So why didn’t he feel satisfied instead of empty?

She was a wild wolf, a lone wolf, and lone wolves were dangerous.

“You made that choice when you left.” Nolan plucked the ballerina away from her grasp and set it back into the trunk. “You rejected our ways. Got news for you, Jordan. The old ways and the rules still apply here. My father is no longer alpha, but I keep the old traditions.”

Blue eyes narrowed. “You told me you have chores. Why are you here, sorting through this trunk? Is that a tradition as well? Busy work for the alpha?”

Nolan growled deep in his throat.

“My business is my business.” He clasped her chin between thumb and forefinger, centering his gaze on her. “Got it?”

To her credit, she didn’t even blink. Most females in his pack would tremble in fear or drop their gaze. She did neither.

“Your father used to have another saying,” she observed. “The ‘A’ in alpha sometimes stands for ass.”

Nolan stroked his thumb across her velvet-like skin, enjoying the texture. His mouth twitched upward in a smile. “I remember. You saying I’m living up to his legacy?”

“Listen here, Mitchell. If you want a quivering, meek female for a mate, better let me know now because it’ll never work out.”

“If I wanted a meek and submissive mate, I’d never have chosen you, pixie,” he said in a husky voice.

Jordan stared at him as if he’d dropped his drawers and showed his male assets. He’d be doing that soon enough tonight.

She was so pretty, her pouty lips parted breathlessly, her spark for life never extinguished.

The hunger, always biting him, gnawed at his insides. Hunger for Jordan, for mating, for bonding with her in the flesh.

Sex was good. Engaging his dick was expected.

Engaging his heart and falling for her all over again?

Forget it.

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Order from Amazon bonnie vanak's the mating ritual barnes and noble purchase on google books bonnie vanak's the mating ritual on kobo iBooks


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