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The Tiger and the Tomb

The Tiger and the Tomb

Warrior of the Wind

The map to the treasure-filled tomb that would ransom Lady Katherine’s father was in the possession of a half-English "Khamsin," a desert warrior renowned for tiger-like ferocity. Long ago, a tiger had scarred Katherine and taught her a lesson: Protect yourself from such powerful creatures, no matter how beautiful. The veil she wore would not be enough.

Seeker of her heart

Her foe was truly dangerous. His amber eyes were keener than his sword, his kisses too. They stripped away Katherine’s defenses and made her forget her duties, her promises, why she’d hidden so much from his view. Then the warrior took Katherine where she wished to go. In the depths of his ancestor’s tomb he made sweet love to her and proved she was his… and that very soon he would uncover everything she tried to hide.


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"A rollicking, romantic adventure with an intelligent, feisty heroine and an Alpha hero every woman will want to take home." —NY Times bestselling author Bertrice Small

"THE TIGER AND THE TOMB takes us into the life of the nomadic Khamsin, and this time, The Tiger is guarding a most precious secret. THE TIGER AND THE TOMB is another sweeping and spectacular story that takes you from the bazaars of Cairo to the sweeping panorama of the Egyptian Desert, from the cool verandas of Shepheards to the carpeted sands of the Khamsin’s tents. If you enjoyed THE FALCON AND THE DOVE, you won’t want to miss THE TIGER AND THE TOMB." —Rose, Romance Reader at Heart

"Newcomer, Bonnie Vanak brings us a tale of mystery, greed, tradition and passionate love. Ms. Vanak writes a story full of adventure, misunderstanding and discovery. Bonnie’s description of the desert, tombs, curses and passion are brilliantly written. Nothing is missing to make the reader wonder about the setting or situation. After having watched the story of Nefartiti on the Discovery Channel, I found myself drawn into Katherine and Ramses’ story. I could feel, smell and taste everything, which is the true sign of a writer’s excellence. Bonnie Vanak is soon to be an author to emulate. Her writing style is both refreshing and captivates her reader." —Debbie, A Romance Review

"Bonnie Vanak scores another winner with THE TIGER AND THE TOMB. It’s an action packed thriller, full of mystery and intrigue, and not lacking a bit in sensuality. She gives readers a very alpha male and female, two strong characters fate brings together. How that happens is the fun of the journey, and along the way fans get to learn more about Elizabeth and Jabari, the lead characters from Ms. Vanak’s debut novel, THE FALCON & THE DOVE, first in this Egyptian series. While THE TIGER AND THE TOMB will stand alone as a great story, you will get a stronger connection to the characters if you are able to read both tales. I thoroughly enjoyed traveling through the written word to Egypt and taking a trip into the past. THE TIGER AND THE TOMB is an exciting adventure with an exotic flare, and one you are sure to enjoy." —Romance Reviews Today

"This tale will appeal to those craving the excitement of an exotic local, a wild adventure and a dark and dangerous hero. Vanak skillfully uses the desert atmosphere to fuel scenes of heated passion and thrilling adventure." —Kathe Robin, RT BookClub

"In this Egyptian version of Shakespeare, the reader is sure to be captivated by the exotic world and by the tender passion between the hero and heroine. Fascinating beauty and hidden strengths come into play in this adventurous romance that blends two worlds." —Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

"THE TIGER AND THE TOMB is another sweeping and spectacular story that takes you from the bazaars of Cairo to the sweeping panorama of the Egyptian Desert, from the cool verandas of Shepheards to the carpeted sands of the Khamsin’s tents. If you enjoyed THE FALCON AND THE DOVE, you won’t want to miss THE TIGER AND THE TOMB. You won’t want to be without this one for your keeper shelf."
Heartstring Reviews

"Lady Katherine and Ramses both have secrets they are hiding from one another but it doesn’t stop the pair from getting tangled in intrigue, thrilling adventure and sensual romance (sigh), oh would I ever love to be protected by Ramses on a desert escapade. Riding a camel with this man is something else again. Ramses is as ferocious as a tiger. A tiger has marked Katherine when she was a young girl. How this relates to them will keep you enthralled.

Ms. Vanak out does herself in this romantic adventure that keeps you turning the pages with your blood pounding through your veins from one exciting scene to the next. I hated this story to end. Luckily, dear readers, I think there are going to be more enthralling stories in the future judging by some new characters that will be appearing now and in the future. Don’t miss this first rate book. I’m so glad Bonnie Vanak took us on a magical ride to Egypt…it is so refreshing!" —Suzanne Coleburn, Reader to Reader

"I was hooked from the first paragraph on THE TIGER AND THE TOMB! It begins with a fight with tomb robbers, and the excitement never ceases in this book…Once I started reading this book I could not put it down... Ms. Vanak has gone beyond what I would describe as excellent with this book—it is much more than that. I gave her a rating of 5 blue ribbons on this book, because that’s our highest rating, but I would rate it higher if I could. A highly cherished keeper for my collection!" —Teresa Henson, Romance Junkies

"Katherine and Ramses both seek ways to escape their own problems. Both the lady and the tiger find they are being drawn closer together as their hearts, bodies and souls recognize that they are two halves of a whole. Ms. Vanek blends cultural facts, historical myths and love in a wonderful and seductive novel of romance." —

"Sprinkled with earthy humor and set in an exotic locale, THE TIGER AND THE TOMB will warm you up on even the coldest nights." —Donna DeFalco, Romance Ever After

"Bonnie Vanak weaves a captivating tale of love and intrigue in THE TIGER AND THE TOMB…Both Katherine and Rames suffer from deep inner torment that finds love's remarkable power of healing. Vanak displays impressive flair for capturing the atmosphere of ancient Egypt, lending the exotic past a vivid presence that lingers with the reader long after the last page is turned. With a remarkable blend of eroticism, adventure, and humor, THE TIGER AND THE TOMB belongs on the historical romance fan's keeper shelf. THE TIGER AND THE TOMB comes very highly recommended." —WordWeaving

"A sensual romance that will stir you down to your bootstraps. Set in the Victorian era when archaeology was a new science just unearthing the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, this complex tale of death and deceit will hold you spellbound as you follow Ramses and Katharine along their separate paths to the point of merging and beyond. For adventure lovers, for mystery lovers, for romance lovers--this is a tale guaranteed to satisfy. Excitement and intrigue add spice to heady romance. Enjoy."
Anne K. Edwards, Blether Reviews

"I only had to shake my head at this intriguing plot and it made me eagerly turn pages in order to find out how this story would end. Just with these two books, I've instantly become a diehard fan of Bonnie Vanak and her books. I am eagerly looking forward to what she will write next." —Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

"Rife with sensuality and sexual tension, this is a stirring tale of two seemingly star-crossed lovers torn between duty and love. Set in the stunning backdrop of the Arabian desert, Ramses and Katherine touch our hearts as we discover not only their strengths, but their secret fears as well. Ms. Vanak breaths new life into the historical romance genre with her unique voice, sensual Egyptian setting and well-crafted characters." —Angela Johnson, Old Book Barn Gazette

"THE TIGER AND THE TOMB, the sequel to the delightful THE FALCON AND THE DOVE, is a tremendous Victorian era romantic suspense that will make believers out of readers that Bonnie Vanak is a great writer. The story line is action packed yet filled with humor, some of which is erotic. The secondary cast adds depth to the era, the intrigue, or amusing insight into the lead couple. Ramses and Katherine are a charming duet whose adventures in late nineteenth century Egypt is a winner for historical readers of any age." —Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews


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