bonnie vanak

The Mating Frenzy

Werewolves of Montana, Book 10

Bonnie Vanak's The Mating Frenzy

Strong-willed, curvy Ella Princeton doesn't have time for dating or dreams of fantasy. Practical to the core, she's working three jobs to support her family. But everything changes when Ella meets a handsome naked man while searching for a lost cat. Exuding male strength and pure sex, he makes her heart race and her hormones fire. She wants to crawl all over him and lick him from head to toe. Too bad he's crazy and talks as if he's a shapeshifter from another world where the sharp snows of winter hold power and magick.

Kieran of the Winter Kingdom may be a tomcat when it comes to sex, but he is equally smitten with Ella, his new assignment. He must convince fiery, lovely Ella that she is a werewolf, and coax her into joining him on a quest to find a rare crystal. The hidden gem will turn her into a powerful warrior to fight the gathering darkness in the world. Only Ella can help stop a growing threat to Xavier, the Crystal Wizard, and save him and perhaps the entire human race…


Excerpt (Warning: This is a romance novel containing explicit sex and language. Not intended for anyone under the age of 18)

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(Copyright © 2017 by Bonnie Vanak)

A naked man stood in her way.

She squeezed her eyes shut. Opened them. Still here, with a confused look on his handsome face. He looked about her age.

Every cell tingled with awareness. She felt as if all her nerves had been fired up and she could not move, could not speak, only stand staring in fascinated hunger at his magnificent body.

Dimly she became aware that if he were fully clothed, she'd have the same reaction. If the entire world stopped revolving, she would not notice. It made no sense. She liked men, and had seen one or two naked, but none had made her feel this alive, this female before.

Her lady parts tightened in anticipation, as if he wasn't merely standing there, but was going to do something more. Like seduce her. Lay her down upon the soft, green grass and mount her like a beast.

Breathing hard, she forced herself to calm down. Ella jerked her gaze down to his legs. Big feet, with nice toes, limbs strong and athletic, dusted with dark hair.

She closed her eyes and opened them to study his face.

He had short, wavy hair, dark as night. Eyes the color of onyx. She gazed at his stunned expression, to his chest, covered with black hair, and stomach flat and rippling with muscles down to his…

Oh, yeah. Big feet. Not only that but… Awe filled her as his shaft became quite erect, as if he were ready to do the deed. Her female parts moistened in sheer anticipation. Let's go!

Ella jerked her gaze back to his face. He stared at her with the same intensity she felt.

"Who are you?" he demanded.

Ella tilted her head. "I might ask the same of you."

He frowned. "I am Kieran, commander and protector of the realm of His Majesty's kingdom. And you… why do I feel as if the entire kingdom could collapse and it mattered not, as long as you are here?"

The sexual arousal faded a little. Yeah, he looked mighty fine, but there were a few lights dimmed on the upper floors.

She sighed. I don't have time for this. "I'm Ella of the realm of Colorado. Look, I'm not into cosplay. And I'm not a gamer. Are you one of those nudists on a retreat?"

"Retreat? I never retreat."

An escapee from a gluten-free, vegan camp, the type who likes to cavort in the woods in the nude. "Even if you live here, there are standards. Get some clothing, before someone dials 9-11 and reports you to the cops."

He frowned and glanced down at his erection. To her disappointment, it began to shrink. Then again, if he were a nutcase, it was safer.

"I had clothing. My uniform. Tis gone now. It vanished when I was transported here. Against my free will."

Kieran raised a fist to the sky. "Do you hear that? I protest your actions, Danu!"

Oh, swell. The cutest guy she'd seen in months, a guy who fired her blood and made her feel alive and free…and he was a real mental case.

Ignoring him, though it was hard to do, Ella sidestepped him and stole a peek at his behind. Yum. Tight. Cute. She loved a good ass on a guy. Even if the guy himself was an ass.

"Darcy!" She saw a tree, craned her neck, hoping Darcy had not decided it was a good day for exploring. "Darcy!"

"Who is Darcy?"

Ella jumped. Kieran had snuck up beside her so quietly, so catlike, she had not heard him.

"My cat."

Kieran's expression brightened. "Ah, a feline. My favorite kind of animal. I will render aid in finding her."

Nostrils flared. Kieran sniffed the air, then he raced forward with tremendous strength and yet such grace she had to admire his fluid moves. A man like that would be exquisite in bed, all power and strength and ….

As if you'll ever know. When was the last time you even had a date?

He ran into the woods and returned in five minutes. Grim-faced, he marched into a small wooden shed at the forest's edge. The door was open. Kieran went inside and then emerged from the shed, her black cat at his side. Oddly enough in the shed, he'd also found clothing. Some kind of strange cosplay outfit - leather boots and black leggings and a black tunic.

In his arms he held a blanket. Cradled in the blanket were three tiny, mewling kittens. He cooed and murmured to them as if they were babies.

Ella's heart broke. Oh, no. She ran forward. "Don't take them. They're too young and still nursing."

Kieran glanced at her, his expression filled with anger and grief. "The mother is dead."

"In there?" She pointed to the shed.

"No, in the forest. Someone snapped her neck." His dark gaze narrowed. "Your world is cruel to my kind."

Taken aback, she scowled. "Yeah, I know it, mental cases have it rough. This isn't about you, chum. I need to get those kittens home and fed. They're probably hungry and cold."

"I do not know if I can trust you to care for helpless kittens."

Her temper began to rise. "And I don't know if I can trust a naked nutcase! I've been feeding the mother, okay? I've done this before." She rattled the bag of kibble, sorrow biting her. Why would someone kill a poor, innocent mother cat?

Kieran seemed to struggle with a decision. His nostrils flared. "Very well. I cannot see any guile in you so I must trust you. I have not the facilities in this world to care for them and if they are not cared for, they will die."

That's faculties, chum. As in the ability of your mind to reason. Yours is missing a few nuts and bolts.

Kieran handed her the blanket.

"Thank you," she said, cradling the kittens. "Come on, Darcy. Let's go home, girl."

Darcy blinked, her green gaze steady.

"She is not a girl." Kieran sniffed. "Although there may be some Fae blood, along with shifter. I sense it."

He gave Darcy a stern look. "Behave now. No more scaring your mistress. Stay by her side. Do you understand?"

Darcy simply stared. It was as if they communicated.

Right. She was tired. Her imagination was working overtime. How many times had her mother cautioned her against indulging in a little fantasy world?

The world was filled with struggles, and the best one could do was to survive from day to day. Imagination and things like magic were reserved for the foolhardy.

Like a man who wandered around without clothing, talking to cats as if they were his friends.

Ella glanced at her watch. Damnit, now she'd have to pedal fast to reach home and get to work on time. She gave Darcy a censuring look. "You're going to stay in the basket with the kittens and behave, or next time I'll leave you home. You'll be stuck with Mom, watching re-runs of the Home Shopping Network and running away from the vacuum."

Darcy gave a protesting meow.

As she hurried toward the road, Kieran fell into step with her. "Where are you going, fair maiden?"

"My name is Ella. Not maiden."

He gave a knowing smile. "But you are a maiden. I can smell the innocence on you. You are virgin."

Ella turned and gave him The Look she reserved for groping male customers who thought ordering steak meant they could order her as well. "My love life is no one's business but mine. Get it? I work and I don't have time to eat, let alone date."

She waited for him to say something cruel about her weight, as a few men had. Ella had tried to slim down the curves that only seemed to become more pronounced after she'd turned 21. Even these days, when she barely had time to grab an apple for dinner, she still looked plump. No amount of exercise nor dieting worked.

His caressing gaze swept over her body. "A pity. A lovely woman like you should have plenty of suitors eager to get to know you." Then his brow wrinkled. "Although the notion displeases me greatly. Why is that? I feel a sudden surge of very primitive male jealousy."

Kieran sniffed again, drawing closer. Ella scowled. "Get away from me!"

He drew back, swept her a formal bow. "My apologies. You smell quite delicious, like snow on a sharp winter's day. You are very ripe. Tis hard for a male like me to resist."

What the hell? Heat suffused her cheeks. Ripe? "I'm not fruit, chum. So resist or I'll show you the business end of my hiking boots."

She hurried back to the road. At her bicycle, she took great care in placing the kittens into the wicker basket, alongside Darcy. The cat meowed and stared at Kieran.

"Behave," he told the cat sternly.

As if cats ever did. Fortunately, Darcy liked riding in the basket and she was the nurturing sort. Her cat curled around the kittens, who snuggled against her for warmth.

Ella mounted the bike. Then she hesitated. Maybe the guy was a lunatic, but he had been wandering around, looking lost. And there was something about the gentle way he'd handled the kittens that indicated a good heart. "Do you have any place to go? Do you know someone there?"

She pointed to the condos.

"I must, since Danu placed me here."

Danu. A friend or ex-girlfriend. "Okay, take care. I have to go or I'll be late for work."

Kieran frowned. "Work? Why should you work? Are you a servant?"

Her temper started to rise. "Yeah, you might say. I serve every night, lots of customers who like steak with their beer and cocktails."

"I do not understand what you are doing here. A woman alone, unprotected and without a guardian in this world, is not a good thing. Where are your elders? Those who protect you? Who are they?"

Ella's temper snapped. "Their names are Smith and Wesson, and they're in my backpack. I can take care of myself."

He shook his head. "This is a dangerous world, woman. I have experienced this. You must trust me. You are too weak in your Skin to wander about this world on your own."

She'd had enough. "Enough with the mansplaining, Sir Kieran. Good luck with your fantasy game."

"Tis no fantasy of mine. I did not want to come here. This place… has bad memories for me. There are too many people for my liking, those who do not cherish what I do," he said quietly.

For a moment he looked sad. Lost, as if he did not belong and wasn't sure how to get home. Ella felt a sudden jab of pity. She knew what it felt like, surrounded by dozens of people and yet so lonely she could barely stand it. As if she were different and belonged to not only a different social set, but a different culture all together.

"Give it a chance, Sir Kieran. Town's not bad. Even the tourists can be friendly, sometimes more than the natives. If you get lonely later, and find some real clothes, stop by the Steak Haus. My shift ends at midnight. I can cut you a deal on some prime meat."

"Thank you. That is most generous. I am hungry for real meat."

He smiled, and his entire face lit up. Her insides melted a little, until she sternly reminded herself that she was running late.

Ella gave him a long look. "But take my advice. Go buy some jeans, shirts, boots. Folks around these parts are conservative and don't take to nudists."

The smile dropped. Kieran folded his strong, muscled arms across that magnificent chest. "Being without clothing is a natural state for me. I find garments restrictive. When you are clad only in skin, it is quite freeing. And women can see, instead of guessing, what assets I have to offer them."

Ella couldn't help it. Her jaw dropped. True, he did have a lot to offer a woman…that bod was to die for.

He gave her a slow smile as if reading her mind. "Ah, you agree. I can tell. You should try it, fair maiden. I would enjoy seeing you in the nude."

A tingle rushed down her spine at the husky heat in his deep voice. "It's too cold to walk about without clothing, so don't get your hopes up."

Kieran stared at her with a male hunger she'd seen directed only at other women, not herself. "I would keep you warm, Ella."

"Right." Ella rolled her eyes.

His voice went even deeper. "My naked body next to yours, sliding over yours, is something you would always cherish. I would give you much pleasure before taking your virginity. It would almost be painless and you would enjoy it." His brown eyes locked to her stunned gaze. "I would make you mine, Ella of Colorado. No other male would dare to touch you. You would never wish to leave my bed."

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