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Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini #3


Jake and Molly (The Mating Intent) try to resist their feelings for each other as they fight a mysterious blackness scorching a pristine Florida park.

After the tragic loss of his intended mate, Jake Anderson vowed to never love again. He left Aiden Mitchell’s Montana pack and sought solitude as a lone wolf in Florida. But he never envisioned falling for Molly, the intended mate of a powerful alpha’s heir. The lovely shifter with her tumbling masses of red hair sparks a passion he thought long dead. He will do anything to possess the curvy werewolf who makes him laugh and feel alive once more.

Molly Monroe longs to consummate the desire she feels for Jake, yet mating a rival pack’s heir will avert a bloody pack war. After a vicious fight nearly kills her father, Molly realizes dark magick is driving all the males to violence. Torn between loyalty to her pack and her own desires, she must join with Jake to discover what evil is turning the werewolves vicious before the darkness destroys everything she holds dear…


Excerpt (Warning: This is a romance novel containing explicit sex and language. Not intended for anyone under the age of 18)

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(copyright 2015 by Bonnie Vanak)

Her beast itched to run wild.

The constant thrumming in her blood, the pull of her wolf, urged her to drop everything and shift. Female hormones raged. It wasn’t fun being unmated and filled with desire as the full moon approached.

Steady. Molly Monroe swiped the artist’s paintbrush over the pot, turning the dull red clay fire engine red. Red like her blood, like her hair, like the passion thrumming beneath her skin. This decorative planter would be sold to Skins, the word Others used to describe humans. Her uncle’s nursery business thrived, and she was glad to help most days.

Except for today, when the approaching full moon left her restless and yearning.

Lupines were known for their sensuality. But what good was sensuality when you were a virgin stuck here in a remote nursery far from the city? And the only prospect for a mate was Luke Silvern, son of a rival pack alpha, who had more arrogance than sex appeal.

Beneath the shade of the gazebo, she stroked the brush deep inside the rounded surface. Paint glistened, slick and wet. The rounded pot resembled a pregnant woman, the brush a phallus symbol that had planted the seed in her belly.

Dear goddess, was everything sexual? With a shaky hand, she set down the pot and glanced at the setting sun. With the moonrise, her wolf would howl to race through the woods. Not the familiar woods filled with thick stalks of bamboo, slash pine trees and mahogany, but acres of wild scrub in the local park where she could lose herself.

The park, controlled by Jake Anderson, who worked as a ranger and hid his Lupine identity from Skins. Molly leaned her elbows on the table. Jake with his charming grin, and mop of dark brown hair, his fierce growl and protective streak as he patrolled the park he loved…

He held allegiance to no pack, and yet being a lone wolf seemed to make him stronger. Beneath the veneer of civilization when he was among Skins burned a ruthless streak. No one crossed Jake in his territory.

Jake showed her only respect and courtesy, yet sometimes she caught him looking twice at her, as if he wanted more. She wished he’d stop treating her like a favorite kid sister. He was so sexy, with his long limbs and muscled shoulders….

What did he look like naked?

She picked up the brush and began painting a phallus on the clay pot. Oh yes, he’d be large, quite large. But gentle, his hands caressing her all over …


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