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Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini #2


He comes to her in a dark dream promising sensual pleasure - sexy, tempting and dangerous. Raphael is an obsessed wolf with one thing on his mind. He wants Jessica naked beneath him, and nothing will stop him until he has her in his bed.

Jessica Tyrell is a Lupine with a mission – find her missing brother, her only living blood relative. Now, with the help of magick crystals, her dream can come true. All she needs is to hack into restricted records at her friend Alexa’s ranch. The only thing standing in her way is Raphael Amador, head of pack security. The wolf wants her with the same ruthless intent he displays in protecting the pack. Jessica knows if she surrenders to his sensual allure, she could lose her soul to Raphael.

Haunted by his tortured past and determined to never love again, Raphael finds his passion awakened by the lovely redhead, who threatens his control. He has vowed to seek revenge against the man who killed his intended mate and scattered his pack. Can he experience a night of pleasure with the lovely redhead and pursue his goal of revenge, or will Jessica capture his broken heart?


Excerpt (Warning: This is a romance novel containing explicit sex and language. Not intended for anyone under the age of 18)

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(copyright 2015 by Bonnie Vanak)

No one would miss her. They were too absorbed in the thrill of the run.

But something scuffled along the forest floor. Jessica tensed. She lacked the magick to properly clothe herself, and she was too exhausted to shift back to wolf.

A beam of silver moonlight spilled upon the forest floor, and hit the wolf standing there in the quiet glen.

Raphael. He’d turned around to find her.

Jessica shivered anew. He shifted back to Skin and stood before her, equally nude. Moonlight glinted on his dark hair, shadowing his face, silhouetting his strong, athletic body. Such a prime example of a fierce male Lupine. Desire flushed her body, chasing away the cold. Then she remembered what he was.


Unlike her.

Her arousal faded. She stared into the forest, her chest hollow.

“Why are you sitting here?” He joined her, sitting on the ground, lacing his hands around his knees.

He was still naked, too. Jessica hugged herself, more from the cold than modesty. “I felt like a break. Just wanted to absorb the beauty of the night in Skin form.”

What a lie. He could easily see through it, she knew he could. But Raphael only leaned his head back against the tree. Then he waved his hand, conjuring a large flannel shirt and handed it to her.

“You look chilled,” he murmured.

Grateful, she slipped it on and thanked him. He regarded her with his steady gaze. This Lupine didn’t ask why she failed to conjure clothing, or make her feel awkward.

Jessica looked at him. “I’ve always been different from other Lupines. In my pack, my alpha doesn’t like me socializing much with the single males because he doesn’t want me choosing a mate from them. He likes keeping the bloodlines… pure.”

“Your alpha is narrow-minded. He cannot appreciate your true beauty. Simply because you can’t run as fast as the pack, or have the same magick as most Lupines doesn’t make you weak. Just different.”

A wry smile touched her mouth. “Funny. I just said the same thing to Daniel.”

“I know.”

“You overheard that?”

Smiling, he picked up a lock of her hair, and rubbed it. “You have a very kind heart. It’s one of your many unique qualities, Jessica. Compassion for others. A naughty sense of humor. And a most exquisite mouth. Small and ripe, as sweet-looking as a fresh cherry.”

No man in college ever told her that. They just wanted her to lie down and spread her legs. Jessica had wanted more. Needed more.

His gaze dropped lower, to her legs.

“You’re quite tempting. And very clever. And naughty.”

Her jaw dropped as he pulled her into his arms, and turned her over on his knee. Raphael pulled up the shirt and caressed her bottom.

“So plump and lovely. Such a sweet ass.”

A moan tore from her throat as his hand moved lower. Raphael traced the curve of her buttocks, then slid a finger down to her core. “So very sweet.”

Shock pummeled her as he brought his hand down firmly on her bare ass.

“That’s for screwing up my phone.”

As she shrieked out a protest at the stinging slap, he pressed his mouth upon the spot he’d just spanked. His mouth felt warm caressing her naked flesh where the sting of his palm still resonated. Raphael’s gentle kiss soothed away the brief pain. “And that is for being kind to Daniel.”

Jessica scrambled off his lap and sat on the ground, staring at him. “What do you want, Raphael? You’re an enigma, more than me.”

Moonlight revealed shadows in his dark eyes, tempered with a flicker of haunting loneliness. “The same thing you desire, little Red, though we both deny it. We both want a place to call home.”

Confused, she kept staring at him. “But you have a home here with J.J.’s pack.”

“I live here. But it is not home, and can never be a home. I’m a stranger here. So you see, Jessica, like you, I am also outcast and until I unite my former pack, it will always be so.”

Her heart turned over at his confession. She drew closer, slid a hand over his bearded chin. “I know what it’s like to be lonely among many.”

As she reached up to kiss him, he lowered his head. Jessica closed her eyes and sighed at the subtle pressure of his mouth. She parted her lips and he responded with a light touch, nibbling gently at her lower lip, his tongue slipping inside the moist cavern of her mouth. She slid her arms around his neck, inviting him closer.

Warmth spread through her, heating her blood, surging into her veins like fire. His scent wrapped around her like a blanket, warm male musk, spices and citrus. Jessica felt the hardness of his arousal against her belly as she pressed closer. She wanted that hardness inside her, pushing so deep that they’d become one, his seed filling her, making her pregnant with his baby…

Realization hit her. Gasping, she drew back. Raphael panted, his eyes darkening with desire.

“You’re coming into your heat,” he said, his voice deep.


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