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The Mating Chase

Werewolves of Montana, Book 1

The Mating Chase

Digital only, short erotic romance under 15,000 words that begins a new series called Werewolves of Montana.

Welcome to the sensual world of the Lupine, where the burning drive to mate claims all...

Home from college, where men teased her for being overweight, Beth doesn't fit into pack life at the Mitchell ranch. Because she's forgotten how to shift into a wolf, the pack alpha has ordered her to choose a mate or leave. The only male Beth desires is Dale, a fiercely protective Lupine who loathes the human lifestyle she embraces. She hungers for the handsome shifter's touch, but fears their differences are too vast to overcome.

Dale has waited for four long years for Beth's return. Her scent ignites his desire and her voluptuous body fires his blood. He is determined to awaken her to the sensual world of the Lupine. Although she acts more "Skin" than wolf, he can't deny his overwhelming drive to claim her.

As the heat of passion threatens to consume them both, a new peril arises. Someone is killing a local rancher's livestock and blaming it on wolves, endangering the pack's ability to shapeshift. It will take all Beth's courage and Dale's skill to find the enemy threatening to destroy their world...


The Mating Chase

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Excerpt (Warning: This is a romance novel containing explicit sex and language. Not intended for anyone under the age of 18)

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When I find a new book about werewolves, I am always ecstatic because of my profound love for these fascinating creatures. With THE MATING CHASE being the first book in the Werewolves of Montana series, I even more pleased since Bonnie Vanak delivers a compelling paranormal tale overflowing with lusty passions and featuring a very appealing couple.

The Mitchell ranch is a safe place for wolf-shifters to reside in Montana, but Beth Langston fears it will not be possible for her to stay there any longer. After having lived with humans for four years when she went to college, she does not remember how to change into her animal form and this could cause major problems. Although she liked living as an ordinary human, she was laughed at because of her shapely figure and this led to much heartache. Now it seems there is no place for Beth to live that would make her truly happy.

Even though her uncle cares about her, he is the alpha and rules must be followed. When he tells Beth to pick a mate out of the unattached males in the pack or she will be forced to go away, she can think of no one except Dale Mason, the only male she has ever craved. Since she knows he despises the way she likes to exist, she says nothing. What Beth does not know is Dale has secretly wanted her for years, and he does not plan to let her out of his life now that she is back. When a situation crops up concerning the future of the pack, Dale and Beth find working together brings them even closer.

The world of Lupines just got bigger, and I totally enjoyed how Bonnie Vanak depicts these shape-shifters in her Werewolves of Montana series. They can live as humans but most would rather not, as they like the freedom to roam in isolated forests in their wolf form. Just picturing a magnificent wolf racing through the woods always demonstrates the strength and quickness of these beasts to me. They are also protective of those in the pack, especially their mates, and they possess an imaginative mind when it comes to sex. Dale proves he is a deserving hero time and again, as he watches out for Beth and makes certain she remains safe, yet he still takes her own wishes into consideration before he often makes a final decision. He is definitely drool-worthy when it comes to sexual fulfillment, as he may be understandingly considerate but also has a commanding side that left me breathless. Beth is just like many folks, regardless of their origins, as she feels unsure about her life choices. When it seems everything is spiraling out of control, the support Dale gives her only made me love him more. Their conversations are packed with much cleverness, thus causing me to smile at quite a few of their quick-witted responses. There is a little mystery in the story, and its effect on the relationship between Dale and Beth is well-written. Enough background about the two main characters in the next book is given to make me eager to read their personal story. THE MATING CHASE is steamy with fiery passions and emotionally satisfying.
—Amelia Richard, Sensual Reads review


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