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The Mating Challenge

Werewolves of Montana, Book 5

The Mating Challenge

Ruthless powerful Mitchell Ranch alpha Aiden fights for the fight to mate with allpha female Nikita and win the females in her pack for all his single males. Though his touch makes her boneless with desire, Nikita is equally determined to kick this strong, virile male off her ranch, for Aiden doesn't realize she hides a dark secret that could destroy him...


Excerpt (Warning: This is a romance novel containing explicit sex and language. Not intended for anyone under the age of 18)

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(Copyright 2015 by Bonnie Vanak)

Aiden’s blood thickened in his veins. He itched to formalize this mating. Sign the contract, take Nikita upstairs, strip her naked and claim her so his men could select their own females. The rules on this match were ancient and rigid. Even the sexual position required had been dictated. The female must willingly lie beneath him in the traditional position, surrendering to his dominance.

If she managed to throw him off her body, he’d lose it all.

Aiden’s body tightened at the thought of Nikita naked on all fours before him. He’d admired her from the moment they’d met when she’d hired him to fix the ranch’s broken tractor. With her clear gray eyes, curved hips and waterfall of long, gold curls, Nikita was lovely.

But what drew him to her was her gentle, yet tough spirit beneath the beauty. Nikita displayed a genuine love for the children he’d seen gathered around her, the young eager for the story she read to him. She had a nurturing air and would make a good mother to his future young.

Her aide dashed forward, handed Nikita a cell phone. Worry lines dented her forehead as the Alpha took the call, and then left.

Aiden grunted as he dressed. Gone again. Was the woman ever going to stick around? How many more times would she insult him? His wolf nudged him to chase. Chase her, toss her to the ground and mate. You are alpha. You cannot tolerate this rudeness.

He told his wolf to quiet. The man advised caution. The man knew he was on her territory and Nikita held all the power until they formally signed the blood oath. He must tread cautiously and make sure everything was done by the rules or he would lose her.

Later, he’d indulge his wolf when he chased Nikita around the bedroom and then caught her and showed her his dominant side.

As he stuffed his feet into his boots, Richard gained consciousness. His nostrils flared. For a moment, hatred and anger flared. Then the male shrugged, and headed for the clothing one of his pack held out.

Nikita entered the room as Richard finished dressing. She’d exchanged the traditional formal robes of an unmated female pack leader for black jeans, kick ass boots and a tight black T-shirt beneath a leather coat that flowed around her ankles. Richard’s gaze remained riveted to those generous breasts, but Aiden watched her expression.

Something was wrong.

Cell phone cradled to her ear, she held up a finger. Suppressing his annoyance, Aiden leaned against the wall, folding his arms. Richard hovered, wiping the blood from his face with a shirt sleeve.

“Increase the patrols. Order them to draw first blood if any are sighted.”

She thumbed off the cell and turned, all smooth business. Approval shone in her gaze as she studied Richard’s bloodied shirt, his shattered jaw, and the two swollen eyes.

“You fought hard and proved yourself worthy, my new mate,” she said, nodding.

“Wrong,” Aiden drawled. He stepped forward, shook Richard’s hand amicably. The other alpha nodded in respect, and then glancing at Nikita, touched his forehead.

Dismay tightened her features as Richard and his pack left the room. Nikita watched as the doors closed behind them. “You’re my mate?”

“Try not to sound so enthused.”

“I’d try harder, but I’m not a terrific actress.”

Aiden stepped close, enjoying her rich scent of spring flowers and innocence and musk. Taking a long curl in hand, he wrapped it around his finger, forcing her to step closer. Close enough to see the desire and alarm swirling in her eyes.

“I bet I can coax a little enthusiasm from you when we’re alone.”

She looked around the crowded room. “We’re far from alone now, so you can stop thinking about sex.”

“Doesn’t matter. Sweetheart, when you’re in the same room with me, all I can think about is sex.”

He enjoyed the flush tinting her cheeks, knowing his words, and her own arousal, caused the coloring.

Hot, sweaty sex, those long legs wrapped about his hips as he pumped hard and fast into her soft, wet heat. Her scent wound around him, making his blood run thick and hot. He’d take her upstairs, make slow, gentle love to her the first time, then tutor her in passion and fuck her hard and fast. Keep her in bed until she conceived.

Aiden needed a mate and an heir.

But he needed Nikita more. Couldn’t get the woman out of his system, hard as he’d tried. Aiden studied his future mate. He longed to nuzzle the sweet slope of her neck, trailing tiny, biting kisses down to her breasts. Mark her with each exquisite nip, culling little cries of pleasure from her plump, tender lips.

And then, the ultimate triumph, spread her legs open and taste her…

“I’m the winner, pixie.”

“Pixie! I’m no fairy!”

“You keep dashing in and out of here like one. Can’t fool me. But now you’re staying put. I’m the winner. Your mate. You can’t deny me what I’ve wanted from you for all these years. Give in. It’s time to make you mine.”


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