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Incubus Wolf

(A new series of short stories from Nocturne Cravings)

bonnie vanak's Incubus Wolf

Alexandra Kosta once knew beauty and privilege as stepdaughter to the Fae king, until he banished her and scarred her for life. Now working as a bounty hunter, she's tasked with hunting down sexy werewolf Dominic Farrell. But Dominic is also part incubus, possessing the power to seduce any woman into doing his will.

When Alex is injured on the job and Dominic takes her back to his lodge, he agrees to release her—if she will share his bed first. Unlike most men, he doesn't recoil after seeing Alex in her natural state…and she cannot deny their overwhelming attraction.

But in order to save herself she has to turn Dominic over to the enemy. Can she destroy the one man who loves her as she is?


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WARNING: Not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

Copyright 2012 by Bonnie Vanak

She leaned back. "Your pack is known for its sexual exploits. Public sex, spankings, bondage."

"By others who fear us, and don't understand. Each member of the pack fully accepts the rules. Those who do not are free to leave without consequence. But this is their home, our home, and it's a safe haven."

"For the males, yes. But the females." Alex shook her head. "They're treated like sex slaves."

"We revere and honor our females." Dominic sat on the chair's arm, tipped her chin up with a finger. "Just as you would be revered, if you were to stay."

She sputtered. "Stay?"

"A warm home, security and respect, Alexandra. Not a cold cabin where you would forever be lonely."

"Free," she challenged.

"There is great freedom here, in being among those who understand." Secrets shadowed his expression.

An odd hope fluttered through her. A home, where no one would shun her or laugh at her. Right. Alex silently laughed.

"Here? Your pack is comprised of dangerous rogue wolves. None were ever accused of a crime, but they were all tossed out of packs because they're rule breakers."

Tension turned his jaw to granite. "Rumors and gossip. Every single member of my pack was homeless and alone. Michael was tossed out, yes. Because he lost an eye in a vicious fight protecting his alpha, and for his loyalty, he was banished, no longer considered whole. He came here and met Carla, his mate, who'd been left orphaned. All my people have found acceptance, and a place to belong."

Dominic thumbed her chin, his gaze intense. "You too, could belong here, Alexandra. We'd make a good pairing."

The odd longing surged with vehement force. Somewhere she could relax and be herself, not worry about her looks or being judged.

Fifteen acres in Colorado looked less attractive. Solitude was wonderful, but was she embracing it the rest of her life? She was still young. Maybe somewhere, someone would want her, despite her ugly appearance.

But if she had the wizard's potion, she would never be ugly again. Her stomach twisted at the idea of what she had to do to get it.

And if Dominic ever saw her real face now, he'd be repulsed, just like the men in the bar.

"I don't need anyone. I can do perfectly fine on my own. And I'm not the pairing type. Certainly not in a pack where females are expected to be submissive to their males' sexual whims."

"Don't mock what you haven't tried," he said in a silky voice. "They're quite content and their mates keep them far too busy and pleasured in bed."

He turned her toward the window. "Look."

Outside, two wolves scampered across the meadow, coming to a halt just before the lamppost. The smaller gray wolf turned and snapped at the larger one. He nipped her hindquarters and she whined.

Suddenly the wolves shifted into human form. The male wore an eye patch and had a firm, trim body. The short-haired blonde was petite and seemed frail. Both were naked. "Michael and Carla, his mate," Dominic said quietly. "He's disciplining her for disobedience. I ordered Michael to punish her when she went beyond our borders against my express orders. Watch."

Michael pointed to the lamppost. Carla closed her eyes, bent over and grabbed the post. Alex cried out in shock as the male began to slap Carla's bottom.

Outraged, she jumped up. "Hey, stop that!"

Dominic's fingers clasped her wrist. "Do not interfere. But watch."

The ecstasy on Carla's face gave Alex pause. Her moans of pleasure, not distress.

Michael stopped spanking his mate. Then the werewolf slid a hand between her legs. When he pulled his fingers free, they were glistening.

"She's very aroused," Dominic mused. "Now, she is ready."

Shocked, Alex stared. She enjoyed the punishment?

"Very much so," Dominic said softly, reading her thoughts. "I ordered Michael to punish her, but the means of punishment was up to him. He could have inflicted something on her that she did not like. But this will give her less reason to stray far from home, knowing such pleasure awaits her at her mate's hands."

Silently Michael pointed to the ground and Carla dropped to all fours.

Carla raised her reddened bottom in the air, her legs slightly spread. Michael stood, proud and straight, behind his mate. He had a heavily muscled body, and his long, dark hair spilled down past his thick shoulders. His erect penis stood out stiffly. Alex's breathing hitched as Michael ran his hands down the small of Carla's back, between her legs and then knelt behind her.

Carla threw her head back and cried out as Michael eased into her. Hands on her hips, he began to thrust hard and heavy.

Dominic leaned closer, his warm breath feathering her blushing cheek. "Look at them. Wild in their passion. Losing themselves in each other, so caught up in their pleasure, the world ceases to exist. This is the essence of my people, Alexandra. Come, be with me and know the erotic passion of completely losing your inhibitions..."


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