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Holiday with a Vampire III

Holiday with a Vampire III

with Linda Winstead Jones and Lisa Childs

December 2009
Silhouette Nocturne
ISBN-10: 0373618247
ISBN-13: 978-0373618248

Christmas starts at midnight…

And after you've been visited by these sexy men, you'll discover the true meaning of the season in these dazzling tales of love.

Sundown by Linda Winstead Jones

After distancing herself from a very attractive cop, vampire Abby Brown discovers she wants only one thing for Christmas—Leo Stryker. But when a murder investigation endangers his life, she may be the one to give him a present….

Nothing Says Christmas Like a Vampire by Lisa Childs

Sienna Briggs never knew she had a guardian vampire. But, when she stumbles across the truth surrounding the Secret Vampire Society, her guardian—the handsome Julian Vossimer—has only one solution to save the woman he's loved for so long.

Unwrapped by Bonnie Vanak

Adrian Thorne never expected to see Sarah Roberts again. But she's presented to him as a special gift. The vampire is elated to finally avenge the werewolf who broke his heart… except Sarah may be the only one who can mend it!


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"Continuing the holiday-with-a-vampire tradition in a suspenseful and sometimes violent but always romantic style, this latest anthology includes three life-changing tales from three of the genre's favorites. A beautiful vampire bartender is attracted to a police officer and must make a chilling decision in Jones's "Sundown." A grieving young woman discovers secrets about her family and finds love with an unexpected guardian in Lisa Childs's "Nothing Says Christmas like a Vampire." Misunderstandings, family issues, and prejudice threaten to keep a vampire and a werewolf apart in Bonnie Vanak's fierce and funny "Unwrapped." VERDICT An atypical trio that bring holiday sparkle to the genre's darker side." —Library Journal

"If you love vampires and Christmas, than this third installment in Harlequin’s Holiday with a Vampire miniseries is sure to appeal. Unwrapped was my favorite story in this anthology but then, I love Bonnie’s writing so that comes as no surprise to me. This was also more humorous in tone than the preceding Draicon books, while still holding on to a bit of that darkness that is found in this universe. Who can resist six gremlins dressed up like elves running around casting spells and giving Christmas presents? They came dangerously close to stealing the show every time they put in an appearance. Adrian and Sarah are a perfect example of star crossed lovers. They understand the tension between their kinds, interfering with their happiness. Yet, Adrian and Sarah manage to overcome the odds and prove that vampires and the Draicon don’t necessarily have to be enemies after all. Holiday with a Vampire III features three powerhouse authors in the paranormal romance and is sure to have at least one story to satisfy most everyone. I loved all three stories and look forward to even more works by these players in the near future." —Kelley A. Hartsell, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

"These are three delightful urban fantasy vampire romances that will charm those readers who enjoy a Holiday with a Vampire ." —Harriet Klausner

4 Stars! "This trio of holiday vampire stories is a delight, with exciting characters and novel storylines." —Alexandra Kay, RT Book Club


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