bonnie vanak

The Falcon and the Dove

The Falcon and the Dove

What lies beneath the sands of Akhetaten, Egypt?

A secret...

A secret guarded by an ancient tribe for three thousand years...

A secret a courageous sheikh vows to protect from archaeologists...

A secret a desperate woman will risk her life to find...

A secret that will forever change the lives of a man and woman destined for each other...

In the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, there was born a love that can never be broken—that of a young queen and a great warrior. And while the warrior's duty to combat the infidel was strict, and though his beloved was the wife of Pharaoh, the two would be separated only by death. But then only for a time.

Elizabeth Summers comes to the dig in 1892. English archaeologists have made huge advances, and Egypt's fantastic history is being laid bare. And while Elizabeth doesn't know whether she is the reincarnation of an ancient queen, she realizes that in the arms of a great sheikh she has found her destiny.

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"THE FALCON AND THE DOVE is an enjoyable read. It contains some of the most exciting elements of the film The Mummy, and is a romantic tale of kidnapping into a desert hideaway, as in The Sheik. Add to this fun mix the element of lovers long separated, and finally reincarnated together, and you have a fast-paced novel that is hard to put down, although I would have enjoyed even more emphasis on the reincarnation elements, especially for Jabari." —Cynthia Meidinger, The Best Reviews

'If you were to mix the classic Eleanor Glynn novel The Sheik and the movie "The Mummy," you'd get the sexy adventure romance THE FALCON AND THE DOVE.
This is a classic romance story of forbidden love on the hot desert sands, reminiscent of Johanna Lindsey's Captive Bride. Ms. Vanak's tale is a bit updated (Elizabeth is part-Egyptian), and readers will easily be caught up in the fantasy of the love of a powerful sheik." —Kathe Robin, RT BookClub

"To those historical fans who wish a truly exciting read, say hello to Bonnie Vanak!
She has written a book set in late 1800's, in the times of the British exploration and exploitation of Egyptian wealth, and flown with it to new heights. Taking from historical facts, she has woven a tale of legendary proportions around the ancient capital of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, his once favorite Queen Kiya, and her jealous nemesis the beautiful Queen Nefertiti. Akhenaten's rule is hidden in the mists of time, but there is Amarna, and its artifacts prove his existence and have helped to tell some of his story. The Falcon and the Dove takes you to one of the excavations of Amarna, gives the story of a legendary couple, and the prophecy that surrounds them. THE FALCON AND THE DOVE is a beautiful but fearsome tale of betrayal, hatred, lost love, and an unexpected set of circumstances that will leave you hoping for more. Strong in style and character, the talents of this first time author deserves a place of honor on your keeper shelf."
Rose, Romance at Heart

"THE FALCON AND THE DOVE is an extremely good read, albeit a fairly long one. If you liked “The Mummy” (the movie, not the Bram Stoker novel) or are a fan of all things Egyptian, you are going to love this book! This story is very spicy. Jabari is a very seductive character, so much so that it is relatively easy to dismiss his heavy-handed behavior. I was actually getting fed up with Elizabeth’s unwillingness to go along with his plans! Pick up this book, immediately! You need to discover the treasure for yourself." —Lisa Shininger, Escape to Romance

"Come and join me in a wonderful story about legend, mystery and love. Ms. Vanak writes a stimulating and fascinating story of history, tradition and a love that truly stands the test of time. Her visual usage of caves and pyramids will take the reader right to Egypt and its heat, as well as its beauty. Elizabeth and Jabari are destined to be together. Their passion is intense and their love is endearing. Throw in the ‘bad guys’ and the story is complete. This is a fantastic book and I would truly recommend this as your next book buy. Curl up by the fire, with a nice cup of hot tea and escape a cold winter’s night for the fiery heat and passion of Egypt." —Debbie, A Romance Review

"Fans of paranormal historical romance will want to read THE FALCON AND THE DOVE, a fast-paced tale that hooks the audience from the moment Jabari sees Elizabeth among the excavators. The story line is fast-paced and loaded with action yet has time to develop a love subplot between the lead characters. Though the reincarnation angle adds suspense and an otherworldly feel to the novel, it also detours around a strong bi-cultural romance that makes for a riveting novel that glues the audience to their seat until the final page is read." —Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

"This book was absolutely spell-binding! This book simply intrigued me from the minute I started reading it. I highly recommend finding this book immediately and delving right in." —Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

"THE FALCON AND THE DOVE is a fresh departure from the usual settings of romance. In her debut novel, Bonnie Vanak writes with humor and passion. She masterly weaves a stunning vista of a people, place and time. I truly enjoyed this unique and compelling love sotyr." —Old Book Barn Gazette

"This timeless love story will keep you enthralled. A great mix of adventure and romance makes hits a temptingly delicious read." —Rendezvous

"I highly recommend reading this enchanting love story full of romance, sensuality and adventure. Bonnie...demonstrates a true skill in making her characters not only human but humorous as well. I really enjoyed the plot, found it well-paced... The secondary characters...not only made the story well rounded but added another key piece to this wonderful tale" —Historical Romance Writers

"THE FALCON AND THE DOVE is a beautiful but fearsome tale of betrayal, hatred, lost love, and an unexpected set of circumstances that will leave you hoping for more. Strong in style and characters, the talents of this first-time author deserves a place of honor on your keeper shelf." —Heartstrings Reviews

"This story is a lot of fun and full of excitement as there is a mystery to solve involving Amla and Elizabeth's grandmother. It's pretty darn sensual, too, with some sizzling love scenes... Ms. Vanak gives you a nice feel for the desert, and the lore and legend of Egypt in this thrilling love story of reincarnation. It is well done, and I loved the characters that are very realistic. She has a new fan in me with her compelling THE FALCON AND THE DOVE set in exotic Egypt. I'd like to read more from this promising new author."
—Reader to Reader

"THE FALCON AND THE DOVE is reminiscent of the classic desert/sheik stories of the 70's and 80's. I was immensely impressed by Ms. Vanak's attention to detail, and the vivid sense of place. Using a backdrop that is historically accurate, Ms. Vanak weaves a timeless story that is compelling and passionate. A marvelous debut book!"
—The Word on Romance

"THE FALCON AND THE DOVE is a wonderful love story set in the Egyptian desert that blends history and legend to shape a love between two people from very different cultures. There are many secondary characters and some great dialogue that makes the complex mulitlayered plot come alive for the reader." —Timeless Tales

"A PERFECT TEN! This is a debut novel, but one that earns the right to be included in Romance Today's collection of PERFECT TEN'S. Here is a tale so different from most romances today that it's sure to capture you from page one to the final page. Don't miss purchasing this title; it's sure to be a winner." —Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today

"Without a doubt THE FALCON AND THE DOVE is the best book I have read this year. It's unbelievable to me that this is a first book by a brand new author! The book is rich with vivid history, it has a terrific, unique storyline and two of the most wonderful, enigmatic characters I've ever read about. If you are looking for a wonderfully written romance, full of spirit and humor, terrific characters, lush history and a unique setting, you just cannot miss THE FALCON AND THE DOVE by Bonnie Vanak. I am so impressed with Ms. Vanak's first offering and I am so looking forward to what she has in store for us in the future. If you are looking for a complete page turner romance, you won't go wrong with THE FALCON AND THE DOVE. I just can't recommend it highly enough. " —Carla Hosom, Romance & Friends

"19th century Egypt is a rare setting for a romance, and one that is hard to pull off... However, Ms. Vanak handles the locale and the peoples with aplomb... For anyone desiring a historical romance out of the common way, give THE FALCON AND THE DOVE a try." —Scribes World


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