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Courage of the Wolf

Courage of the Wolf

December 2010
Silhouette Nocturne Bite (ebook only)
eISBN: 978-1-426-87023-1

This is my first Nocturne featuring my Immortal Justice Guardians.

Michael, a Justice Guardian, must convince Sabrina, a Draicon werewolf, to fight the demon that killed her entire family.

Werewolf Sabrina Kelly longs to put her family's brutal slaying by a demon behind her. Finding her destined mate might bring her solace...though in her heart, she knows she only wants her long-time friend Michael Anderson. Instinct tells Sabrina he desires her as strongly as she craves him, yet still he pushes her away....

As an immortal Justice Guardian, Michael has vowed to protect Sabrina...and deny his hunger for her. It's his duty to make Sabrina find the courage to challenge the demon once and for all—though it may cost him the only woman he could ever love.

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