The Werewolf Cowboy, NEW Werewolves of Montana release

If you like cowboys and werewolves, please check out my new release on Dec. 12. The Werewolf Cowboy gives you both!

Katy Thomas has dreamed about sexy cowboy Grayson Moore sweeping her off her feet ever since the handsome, strong Lupine bought the ranch next door to Aiden Mitchell’s spread. But pack comes first for the orphaned Katy. She owes her allegiance to her adoptive family and alpha Aiden, not Grayson, the known lone wolf with a quiet air of lethal danger about him.

Grayson has dark secrets he can’t reveal to ordinary Lupines, and Katy is still too innocent for the fierce lovemaking his wolf demands. Fighting the sexual attraction between them, he has vowed to protect Katy from all harm. When a rogue werewolf kidnaps Katy and takes her into the Dark Kingdom, only Grayson dares to enter the forbidden world to rescue her. He will do anything to keep her safe and teach her the ways of dark magick, for the wolf inside him demands he consummate their bond sexually and claim Katy as his forever mate…

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My next release will be Shielded by the Cowboy Seal, a romantic suspense novel from Harlequin. It’s out February 2017, and part of my SOS Navy Seal series.

Happy reading!