The Mating Season is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

The MatiBonnieVanak_TheMatingSeason_HR (2)ng Season, Werewolves of Montana Book 6, is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

This is Tristan, the Silver Wizard’s book.

In the centuries since he became immortal, Tristan, the Silver Wizard, has awaited the return of his long lost love. Nikita was his life and his heart, and when he died as mortal fighting for the freedom of Lupines and dragons, it was with her name on his lips. Now he has found her again, and Tristan is determined to claim her and fulfill his legacy – by impregnating her with his child. He will take her to his heavenly home in Tir Na-nog to show her the passion they once shared in another life. Before they can reach there, he must protect Nikita from his enemies, and he will fight with all his power to keep her safe from all harm.

The handsome, sensual wizard who saved her life from a lethal virus and swept her off her feet is no mere werewolf like herself. He is the Silver Wizard – the ruler of all werewolves, with the power to turn them into dust. Possessive and protective, he wants to recapture the love they had 900 years ago – a love Nikita cannot recall. All she knows are dreams of his passionate lovemaking and a burning desire for his touch. If she doesn’t accompany Tristan to Tir Na-nog, her mortal body will die, for the potion that saved her life will not last.  But the journey ahead is filled with danger, and it will take all their courage and everything they shared in the past to endure the darkness that awaits them both…

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Release date announced soon on The Mating Season

I’m very busy with final edits on Tristan’s book, The Mating Season, Book 6 in my Werewolves of Montana series. It will be out later this month.

Next month I’m releasing The Mating Destiny, Book 7. It’s about Alex, a dragon prince you will meet in The Mating Season.

I’ve changed up the order of books in my Werewolves of Montana series so you will have a smoother reading experience. The books in order are:

The Mating Heat (prequel)

The Mating Chase (Dale, book 1)

The Mating Hunt (Kyle, book 2)

The Mating Seduction (Jackson, book 3)

The Mating Rite (Darius, book 5)

The Mating Intent (Gabriel, a cougar shifter, book 6

The Mating Challenge (Aiden’s story, book 5)

The Mating Season (Tristan the Silver Wizard’s story, book 6)

The Mating Destiny (Alex’s story, book 7)

The Mating Game (Xavier’s story, book 8)

After The Mating Game will come the books of the other wizards – Gideon and Cadeyrn.

Soon as I have firm release dates, I’ll post them. Keep checking back!